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Win Ben Howard Tickets

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Win Ben Howard Tickets


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Ben Howard Concert Tickets Giveaway

Ben Howard is a folk singer/songwriter who was born on the 24th of May 1987 in London, England. Based in Devon, UK, he’s released two studio albums and three E.P’s since his first release in 2008.
Howard is something of a melting pot of the two defining trends of the late 2000’s. He’s a folk-rock singer songwriter first and foremost, his debut E.P “Games In The Dark” released in 2008. Fittingly, it was self-released the very same year as Mumford and Sons’ first E.P, this finds him among good company, squarely in the second and most commercially successful wave of British folk artists along with the aforementioned Mumfords and Johnny Flynn
The second trend he embodies is the fact that, at least when he began attracting mainstream attention, he was annoyingly young. His debut E.P was released when he was 21 years of age and his first album, 2011’s “Every Kingdom”, came out when he was 24.
However, unlike many songwriters with youth on their side, Howard never writes with a co-writer, the vast majority of his songs are credited to him and only him, which makes sense considering he’s been constantly writing since he was eleven years old.
Howard has since gone from strength to strength; taking time and effort to craft 2014’s follow up effort “I Forget Where We Were” and was rewarded with said album going straight to number one on the album charts.
It might seem odd that his brand of dark, intelligent folk became the kind of chart smashing success that helped him sell out three nights at Brixton Academy in November 2012, but sometimes the music industry rewards those that truly deserve it. So it goes that Ben Howard is one of the biggest success stories in British music, and I would implore you to be a part of it as well.
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