Win Cake Tickets

Win Cake Tickets

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Win Cake Tickets


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Cake Concert Tickets Giveaway

An alternative rock band formed in Sacramento, California, USA. Cake have been going strong since 1991 with lead singer and band creator John Mcrea.
Cake has had many members in the past, but the current members consist of the three original members: John Mcrea – lead singer, Vince DiFiore – trumpeter and returning bassist Gabe Nelson – who left before the release of their first album ‘Motorcade of Generosity’ and returned when bassisst at the time; Victor Damiani left. The fourth member of the band is Paulo Baldi who joined after 2009 after previously working with the band on their fifth studio album.
Their debut album Motorcade of generosity was self recorded and self released. Copies of this album were being sold from the back of the bands van in order for them to pay for the costs of their tour. The album was well received and was even named one of the best indie releases by ‘Pulse!’ The success of this album led to Cake being signed by Capricorn records in 1995.
The musical influences of Cake span far and wide as they range from Iranian folk music, to the likes of hip hop, mariachi, rock, funk and country.
The second album of Cake entitled ‘Fashion Nugget’ was extremely successful and managed to go platinum. The third album ‘Prolonging The Magic’ followed suit and also went platinum. It was named as the second best album of 1998 by The Columbian.
Cake’s fourth album ‘Comfort Eagle’, saw their prior success catch up with them as they signed a deal with Columbia Records. The success of the album allowed the band to tour across America, Canada and even Europe.
On august 14 2007 Cake formed their own label which allowed them to release their own albums. In 2011 Cake released Showroom of Compassion which they recorded and produced by themselves and managed to open as number 1 on the Billboard top 200 Albums.
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